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  • Our sourcing solutions are truly global in every sense of the word. We consistently seek out the best products at the most competitive prices. We are meticulous to the point of obsession. Our dedicated procurement team ensures our sources meet the very highest standards of efficiency, cost control, customer service and quality. In fact, we are consistently ranked among the most powerful buyers of Interior firm , and have been recognized as one of ‘Top Procurement Firms’.

    Additionally, our proven team of experts have a wealth of experience managing projects. Whether it’s a large, multi-location project or an intimate boutique property, we use our buying power, management expertise and extensive supplier contacts to create genuine value for our partners.

    We understand that procurement is a complex, lengthy process, with multiple layers of risk. For those who want a true one-source procurement approach, we offer Integrated Solutions. This  approach allows us to act as consultant, Wholesaler of procurement and logistics manager – all rolled into one.

    Whatever delivery method you choose, when you work with Furnitech Interior’s procurement we offer our clients faster project timelines, simplified invoicing, single-source accountability and streamlined logistics.


    "I feel like our house truly reflects
    our personal style without
    sacrificing any functionality." ----- JHON
    "We moved into a new house,and
    wanted to make it
    feel like home." ----- SHELLY