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  •    Modular Kitchen

  •    Plan & Design

  •    Wall paper & Wall Texturing

  •    Carpentry & Furniture

  •    Plumbing

  •    Flooring

  •    Bathroom & Bath decor

  •    Soft furnishing

  •    Electrical

  •    Civil Planing , Design , Execution & Renovation

  •    Lighting & Illumination design

  •    HVAC

  •    Fire fighting & Protection

  •    Art Services

  •    PowerBackup

  • Furnitech Interiors Expertise covers all aspects of the environments. We are experienced in crafting custom-built commercial, retails and hospitality spaces. At the heart of Furnitech Interiors is a passion to make a difference in people’s lives. We take time to understand how you & your environment are uniquely shaped. We will then cleverly design our exceptional solutions for your space, utilising resources that you have to make things better-while keeping true to who you are.

    Our tagline “it all begins with a green dot.....” depict how design evolves , it starts from a dot – an idea or inspiration – and id further refined into a form& space , a design outcome by Furnitech Interiors the addition of “ green ” to our tagline symbolises the emergence of a green approach in our business and that our works now bear the mark of the environment.


    "I feel like our house truly reflects
    our personal style without
    sacrificing any functionality." ----- JHON
    "We moved into a new house,and
    wanted to make it
    feel like home." ----- SHELLY